The 3D Spot UV revolution!

Sometimes you want printing products that give the wow factor. Maybe you need a business card that exudes quality and professionalism. Here at Novo Print, we print all kinds of products and business cards to meet the needs of all types of businesses. Unlike other print companies that draw people in with great deals advertised on TV, where customers subsequently feel they are buying budget airline tickets with the additional prices to get the specifications up to acceptable levels, the lowest specifications we provide are much higher and ultimately better value. For instance, we wouldn’t want to print you business cards any lower than 400gsm thickness as they would not technically be cards.

If you want a genuinely deluxe product, and you definitely feel you need it, there are things you can do at not too great a price. Firstly, there is spot UV. This applies a UV gloss to any area on the card, so you can highlight text or logos. People would be surprised what good value these cards are. Secondly, there is a new, much harder to find process, 3D spot UV. This can be a simply stunning effect with a raised targeted shiny surface. We have produced cards with 3D water droplets on them which look real. Imagine the response to a potential customer who gets one of these cards. They may not have seen anything similar before and will almost certainly show them to others. The process isn’t limited to business cards, we apply to brochures, and flyers also.

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